Welcome to Course Works

Course Works, the University of Minnesota System’s comprehensive course materials program, is a collaborative effort between the University’s campus stores and libraries designed to ensure that all undergraduate students have the materials they need to succeed in their courses at the start of each semester. The program also aims to ensure that students retain choice over what materials they want, how they purchase the materials, and how they receive the materials.

Course Works Complete provides degree-seeking undergraduate students access to their required textbooks and library materials on the first day of class for one flat rate. The program allows materials to be offered at lower prices than the market due to increased buying power, increases the ease of acquisition and access of course materials, and ensures that costs are predictable regardless of the courses you choose. Eligible students are automatically enrolled in the program, but any student can fully opt out each semester, acquire their own materials, and not pay the fee.

Students who opt out of Course Works Complete will be given the option to select which materials they want to have provided through the program via Course Works Select. Students in Course Works Select will see the pre-negotiated cost for the materials for the courses they are enrolled in, and have the option to choose which to acquire through the program and which to acquire on their own. Non-degree seeking undergraduate students will also have access to Course Works Select.  

Library materials and open educational resources are always freely available regardless of a student’s participation in Course Works.

The Course Works Complete price will be $279 per semester during the 2024-2025 academic year.

The Course Works Select price will vary depending on the courses a student is enrolled in and the materials they choose to purchase through the program. The price of Course Works Select could be more or less than $279.

Program Benefits